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Piping Co. National Electric Coil Co. P Polylite Roof Decks, Inc. Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Stark Excavating, Inc. Cranesville Block Co. Jesco, Inc. Jim Boyd Construction, Inc. Enterprises, Inc. Monroe Drywall Construction, Inc. Neupauer Masonry, Inc.

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Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. Professional Directional, Ltd. Associated Underwater Services C. Buckner Steel Erection, Inc. Caterpillar Logistics Services, inc. Chenal Valley Construction, Inc. Cranesville Block Company, Inc. Elliot Construction Corp. Erickson Air-Crane, Inc. Federal Construction Group G. Thomas Industrial Coatings, Inc. Avcon, Inc. Birdair Inc. Delek Refining, LTD. Lee Builders, Inc. Southern Scrap Materials Co. Waterford Aluminum Company, Inc. MVM Contracting, Corp. Sharon and Walter Construction Inc. Summit Contractors Inc. Henry Marine Service, Inc. HRI Hospital, Inc.

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